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Crypto Valley Conference | 2021

Location: Hochschule Luzern (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) | Risch-Rotkreuz, Switzerland

October 28, 2021 - October 29, 2021

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Democracy4All | Blockchain for Governance

Location: Casa Llotja de Mar | Barcelona, Spain

November 11, 2021 - November 12, 2021

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NDB Blockchain Ecosystem

NDB aims to supply the world with an energy source that last longer than its application. In a world where we are still mostly dependent on non-renewable energy sources, NDB will tremendously diminish the need for such sources of energy.

Nano Diamond Battery is an innovative energy generator and storage that redefines and revolutionizes the battery as we know it. Its longevity and performance are ensured by converting the radioactive decay from nuclear waste or radioisotopes into energy.

Our disruptive technology requires an environment that satisfies all of our stakeholders while keeping incentives aligned throughout the entire cycle of value generation and delivery.

Blockchain technology plays a key role in assisting NDB in connecting our customers, partners, and governments towards acquiring and managing the Nano Diamond Battery's energy output.

We welcome you to learn about your role in helping NDB to launch our blockchain token ecosystem.



Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency secured by cryptography.

Blockchain is a network system among computers.

The majority of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized by blockchain technology.

The blockchain has a record-keeping system that allows cryptocurrencies to be decentralized.

As merit, cryptocurrencies can not be controlled or manipulated by a centralized person or government.

In a blockchain system, all transactions are verified by a network of thousands of computers called miners.

Cryptocurrencies allow you to pay online using virtual tokens in a safe and decentralized manner.

Cryptocurrencies, together with blockchain technology, have significant potential.

This potential ranges from finance to voting systems.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies transaction costs are much lower than traditional currencies.

To buy cryptocurrencies, you need an online wallet application.

You can create an account on the application to receive and hold a cryptocurrency.

Money is a durable, divisible, portable, fungible medium of exchange.

Because cryptocurrencies have these properties, they are considered money.

Moreover, as the cryptocurrency supply is limited, like gold or silver, it is not fiat but real money.

The users are individuals or legal entities who submit transactions into the blockchain network for validation and process.

The equivalent banking operation is the use of online banking to send money.

However, the main difference is the absence of centralized authority.

Suppose a wallet ID or file is lost without having backups, then, unfortunately, the coins are lost forever.

The blockchain system protects cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain network is significantly extended. It is much easier and cost-efficient to follow the protocols than hacking the system.

Since cryptocurrencies are growing fast, buying and holding them is a reasonable way of earning — cryptocurrencies' value increases in the overall trend.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies from state to state. Yet, the majority of countries accept cryptocurrencies as a legal system.

The Internal Revenue Service considers cryptocurrency to be property.

Therefore, taxpayers are required to report their virtual transactions as US dollars on their tax returns.

Our token faqs

Our token faqs


The dual Token environment is composed of the NDB and Volt tokens.

NDB token is a fixed supply token that will contribute to NDB's ecosystem, NDB City, and clean innovations.

On the other hand, the Volt token is a variable supply token serving as a payment method for the energy and services produced or commercialized by NDB.

We plan to expand our activities across multiple directions.

To achieve this, we have established NDB City, a cross-platform for innovation and business.

Our technologies will be at the center of the expansion, and the Volta token will be used to power them.

This utility token is a live payment instrument for the energy produced.

Using our app, you will be able to unblock NDB's energy and use your products, almost like you are paying your utility bills.

You can pay as you consume and earn tokens by selling the energy back to the grid.

Volt token is scheduled to deploy after the NDB token.

Volt token will be a variable supply, burnable and mintable token (NDB Hub), and functions to power applications using NDB products.

Through this token, the users will have the possibility to lease and access benefits from our products.

The NDB token is created in the BEP-20 protocol using Binance Smart Chain Network; however, transfer plans to other blockchains remain possible.

By holding NDB tokens, you contribute to our vision, advancing the development of technologies and solutions.

You will be able to change, interact, and transform your NDB token in the open market or inside our ecosystem by staking your NDB tokens inside a pool.

Our ecosystem consists of pools of partners and licensees.

Staking your NDB tokens in a pool contributes to developing the owner's technologies and future products delivered in collaboration with NDB.

By staking NDB tokens on the different pools, the stakers can earn dividends as Volt Tokens.

Based on time and the availability of resources, we plan to expand our ecosystem described in [NDB CITY] vertically.

The Airdrop rewards the NDB token holders who decided to stake their tokens inside the pool(s).

The user will be automatically rewarded according to their contribution percentage once the pool gets Airdrops.

In the NDB blockchain, the NDB tokens are parked in the pool to receive Volt Tokens as a reward.

The user can access pools via the NDB app.

NDB blockchain has multiple pools. The pools range from NDB City partners or licensees who enter into a commercial relationship with NDB.

A reliable operator manages each public or private stake pool of NDB tokens. The operator can be NDB, an individual, or a business.

A stake pool is a network node with a public address that stakers can contribute to and receive rewards.

Being part of a pool will give you access to unique private benefits or Volt Tokens for your Smart Energy subscription and products.

Stake pools can be created to support projects that benefit technology development and the NDB token holders.

The pool's participants will get a reward proportionally to their staked amount for each transaction.

The only relationship between both tokens is the Airdrops.

When you stake NDB tokens, there is the possibility of earning Volta tokens.

The user is free to trade them in the conventional exchanges as well as in the NDB app.

NDB Hub is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding NDB's best interest by managing developments, seeking feedback from the community, and searching for improvements when needed.

This institution performs AML and KYC procedures and proposes growth strategies related to NDB's applications.

First, you can buy the tokens.

After the whole project has been deployed, you can earn more by increasing your stake of NDB tokens inside one of the many pools.

Once they are open, you can earn more Volt Tokens.

No, you can not.

You must go through the KYC/AML process and accept the term of use to utilize all the benefits from the ecosystem.

NDB token is using the BEP-20 protocol from the Binance Smart Chain network.

By the release of NDB products, the HUB and the community will discuss the possibility of migration to a lower transaction fee protocol.

No, you can not.

Once the products are released, the user will access Smart Energy subscriptions within NDB apps.

Payment for subscriptions will be possible via the Volt token.

Upon the action of crediting, the token will burn and vanish from the blockchain and your wallet.

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