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Our Blockchain ecosystem includes Watt, NDB City, Charenji, NDB, and Watt tokens.

NDB token will help you gain access to the NDB Ecosystem and allows the acquisition of some of its utilities, such as NFTs.

Watt token provides access to utilities offered by the NDB Ecosystem, in particular energy-related trading, tracking, and tracing features.

NDB and Watt tokens are measuring and interaction tools for clients and users of our blockchain ecosystem.

Nyyu is a point of financial interaction for activities within the ecosystem. You can access tokens, the marketplace, and various services and reward programs using the platform.

Nyyu allows proof-of-stake, trade, track and earning tokens.


NDB Ecosystem, including NDB and Watt tokens provides access to the utilities, the goods and services.

NDB Smart Energy, composed of AI-based energy subscriptions accessible via Watt DApps, intends to promote energy-saving.

The Smart subscription will optimize the energy consumption or the product's utilization period. It ends the payment for the energy that is not being used, stored, or consumed by the consumer.

Partners and licensees will monitor and manage carbon credits.

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Watt tokens will be a form of energy payment in the future.

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The payment function will incentivize NDB staking so that users can earn Watt tokens as a result of proof-of-stake, which can be used towards paying their utility bills.

Within your Nyyu Wallet, you can pay your subscriptions and utility bills.


Our ecosystem allows you to earn Watt tokens for the unused energy when the device is inactive by simply plugging your product into the grid.

This is because some energy-generating products such as NDB Cell are constantly generating energy.

By staking NDB tokens on different Pools, the participants can earn NDB or Watt tokens based on their staked value as a reward for validating a block of transactions.

Watt tokens can be used as an energy tracker for utility providers and consumers to earn rewards and incentivize the adoption of our products into the energy lifecycle.

We will work with utility providers to begin our energy consumption tracking program and start including the amount of Watt on consumers' bills, thereby providing an option to "opt-in" to using the Watt token rewards program and payment systems.

NDB token holders will have a higher overall share of distributed rewards through buyback and burn features as the circulating supply reduces over time.




Watt is a decentralized energy platform to provide software and blockchain applications as a service.

Watt is an opportunity for everyone to manage their energy use, generation, and active energy trade.


NDB Ecosystem promotes and facilitates energy-related projects that aim to improve the efficiency of energy generation, transmission, exchange, and consumption.

We focus on energy generation close to the location of consumption.

For example, NDB Cell does not run out of charge during the device's lifetime because it harnesses the power of energetic electron emission from radioisotopes.


Within our ecosystem, you can trade, stake, and earn tokens.

You are, furthermore, accessing the wallet, marketplace, and various services and rewards.

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