Dual Token

NDB's vision is to deliver clean energy accessibility, alternative sources, and sustainability to the world.

NDB and Volt, fixed and variable tokens, respectively, are backing the dual token environment to support our vision.

NDB and Volt tokens are interacting freely on the open market.

NDB token is a demonstration tool for interest in developing energy solutions and technologies inside our ecosystem.

Volt token is a live payment instrument for energy products.

NDB Token

The NDB token is created in the IBEP-20 protocol using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network; however, transfer plans to other blockchains remain possible.

By holding NDB tokens, you contribute to our vision, advancing the development of technologies and solutions.

You will be able to change, interact, and transform your NDB token in the open market or inside our ecosystem by staking your NDB tokens inside a pool.

Our ecosystem consists of pools of partners and licensees.

Staking your NDB tokens in a pool contributes to developing the owner's technologies and future products delivered in collaboration with NDB.

By staking NDB tokens on the different pools, the stakers can earn dividends as Volt tokens.

Based on time and the availability of resources, we plan to expand our ecosystem described in NDB City.

Token sale model

Token Name:NDB

Token Symbol:NDB

Total NDB Coin Amount:1,000,000,000,000

Emission Rate:New Tokens will never be minted

Purchase price

Nominal value of Coin:Decided through private placement

Token Allocation

Volt Token

To achieve this, we have established NDB City, a cross-platform for innovation and business.

Our technologies will be at the center of the expansion and Volt token will be used to power them.

This utility token is a live payment instrument for the energy produced.

Using our app, you will be able to unblock NDB's energy and use your products, almost in the same way you are paying your utility bills.

You can pay as you consume and earn tokens by selling the energy back to the grid.

Volt token is scheduled to deploy after the NDB token.

Token sale model

Token Name:Volt

Token Symbol:VOLT

Total Volt Token Amount:1,000,000,000,000

Emission Rate:New tokens can be minted

Purchase price

Nominal value of Coin:Rely on the constant growth of the economy to remain valuable

Stake pool

NDB pool will work similarly to S&P 500 for this ecosystem. The dynamic reward index of the successful pool will reward the ecosystem.

A reliable operator manages each public or private stake pool of NDB tokens. The operator can be NDB, an individual, or a business.

A stake pool is a network node with a public address that stakers can contribute to and receive rewards.


Being part of a pool will give you access to unique private benefits or Volt tokens for your Smart Energy subscription and products.

Stake pools can be created to support projects that benefit technology development and the NDB token holders.

The pool's participants will get a reward proportionally to their staked amount for each transaction.

Terms & Conditions

Tokens are neither security nor the stocks of the corporation.

The tokens will be available for anyone who agrees to the Terms and Conditions.

This smart contract allows clients to buy tokens in the open market and speculates upon the price.

The rejection of the Terms and Conditions will exclude the holder from participating in staking pools and interacting with the corporation's services and products.

Ndb Electric vehicle

Ndb Electric vehicle

Discover how it works, and start to build tomorrow’s world by our side


You have an NDB-powered Electric Vehicle (EV).


Your car will have a dedicated profile on the NDB app.

You will be able to unlock the energy produced by NDB through the Volt token.


When you are not using your EV, you can connect it to the grid.

Based on the energy given to the infrastructure, you will earn Volt tokens.

Alternatively, you will also be able to mine tokens.